Full of Youth Peel


60 min For normal to oily skin . (Alpha/Beta Glycolic peel) This peel is highly recommended for resurfacing, in cases of scar reduction, hyperpigmentation, blemished and sun damaged skin.The 40% Alpha/Beta Glycolic peel penetrates the pore to help control sebum excretion, and also helps improve acne as well as remove dead skin cells on the top layer.

A Touch of Radiance


60 min For Normal to Sensitive Skin (Lactic Acid Peel) This peel has been formulated for resurfacing normal to sensitive skin. It is highly recommended in helping reduce fine lines, and wrinkles. Lactic Acid is a safer and gentler exfoliant that aides in reducing the signs of aging and hyperpigmentation, it has therefore been found to be most beneficial for mature, dry skin that is prone to sensitivity due to a reduction in barrier function.

The Enrichment Facial


This facial will benefit any issues your mature skin may have. This relaxing facial gently soothes and balances your skin while enhancing the texture. The Vacha extract softens, soothes and balances hormones in your skin. The Collagen III Serum is a powerful anti aging formulation used to help prevent wrinkles and reduce the appearance of acne scarring you may have. Shea butter will nourish and condition the skin. Algae Extract contains vital nutrients and trace minerals your skin may lack. Green Tea then calms and clarifies the skin.​​


  • Women's Haircut              $55.00 
  • Men's Haircut                    $35.00 
  • Children's Haircut            $25.00
  • ​​​​Brow Wax $25.00
  • Chin Wax $10.00
  • Upper lip Wax $12.00
  • Full Face Wax $30.00
  • Underarm Wax $20.00
  • 1/2 arm Wax $25.00
  • Full Arm Wax $25.00
  • Bikini Wax $25.00
  • Brazilian wax $35.00
  • Half Leg Wax $35.00
  • Full Leg Wax $65.00
  • Full Leg Wax with Bikini $80.00

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The Moisturizing Facial


If you are experiencing any dry or dehydrated skin, this facial will completely rehydrate your skin. The Vacha extract softens and soothes your skin while also balances any hormone issues your skin may be having. Ginger extract is used to help calm and heal your skin. A pumpkin puree will be applied to gently exfoliate while enhancing your skins antioxidant issues. Argan Kernel Oil will be used to help improve skin elasticity that your skin may be lacking. Retinol 2.5% will help to resurface and brighten skins texture.

The Manjista Facial


For Oily Skin This facial benefits anyone with Oily skin. Your skin has sebacious glands that naturally lubricates the skin.When you have oily skin it release more oil that is needed. Due to this you may experience acne, pore enlargement, and types of infections. The Ayurvedic extract will reduce oil production and has anti bacterial properties that will help with acne. Sage extract regulates the sebacious flow and disenfects. Olive oil extract helps rehydrate the skin and give necessary Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants. Green papaya is used to help improve any skin texture problems.

The Clarifying Acne Facial


If you are having problems with blemished skin, this gentle formula will help clarify your skin as well as hydrate. Sage extract is used to help regulate the sebaceous flow and disinfect the skin. Geranium is used to help balance any excess sebum production and boost the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is in charge of white blood cells that help rid the body of toxins and any other unwanted minerals. A low dose of 2% Salicylic acid will exfoliate and deep cleanse your follicles which may have bacterial build up. Rosemary and tea tree oil will be applied to disinfect the skin. Cucumber extract will then be used to sooth, and balance skin while also calming any irritation you may have. Lastly Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant, is applied to help lighten and clear skin texture.

  • ​​Full Hair Color ($110.00 and up)
  • Touch up Color ($85.00 and up)
  • Full Head Highlights ($150.00 and up)
  • Partial Highlights ($95.00 and up)
  • Ombre ($160 and up)
  • Color Refresher ($100.00 and up)
  • Low Lights ($150.00 and up)
  • Color Correction ($100/hr)
  • Perm ($110.00 and up) ​


  • Acrylic Fill $25.00
  • Full Set Acrylics                     $50.00 
  • Manicure                               $25.00 
  • Polish change on hands                                                                   $10.00 
  • Pedicure                                $40.00 
  • Polish change on feet         $15.00 
  • Toenail Clip                           $15.00 

The Papaya Acne Facial


Hyperpigmentation This facial is for anyone experiencing hyperpigmentation. It helps to purify and regenerate the skin while the papaya, a natural exfoliant, helps in resurfacing and softening the skin. Green papaya helps improve skin texture and promoteshealing. A combination of emblica, Licorice root, mushroom, and bearberry leaf extract, all natural brighteners, are used to brighten and give your skin that beautiful healthy glow. 

The Pumpkin Facial


For Poly Sensitive skin/Rosacea This gentle facial is packed with antioxidants, with ingredients consisting of green tea and pumpkin. A soybean protein is used to improve skin's texture, while honey, a humectant, soothes and softens. Collagen III serum, a powerful anti aging formulation, is lastly applied to prevent wrinkles and also helps to reduce the appearance of acne scarring​.

The Cleansing Facial


This soothing cleansing facial has many properties that can benefit anyone from oily, combination to dry skin. The main ingredient consists of Emu Oil to calm the skin from any irritations you may be having. We use Tea Tree Oil to remove bacteria. To enhance the skin texture we use Green Papaya which also heals the skin and improves skin texture. To sooth any irritation Oat is used to calm and boost cell immune function and is an antihistamine which supresses any allergic reaction that may be affecting your skin.

Hair Care

  • ​Keratin straightening treatment $300.00
  • Shampoo & Blow Dry $45.00
  • Shampoo & Set $30.00